Crumb § Harris Family, Inc.



   "All We've Ever Had Is Each Other"

We've chosen for our Motto
"All We've Ever Had Is Each Other"
We are disciplined and held together
By our Matriarch, our dear Grandmother

We are separated by distance
But we are bonded by love.
That simple fact
Is one we're most proud of.

Some of us are talented to sing
Some can dance, others can pray
Some family members are so young
That smiling is their only forte'

Some of us are creative
In some of the things we do
This is our little website

And we humbly welcome you

Welcome to the Crumb § Harris Family Web Site

Some of the contents of this site will vary from week to week, possibly from day to day.  This is a work in progress.  For the time being, the pages are aptly titled to convey their contents.

There is a page titled "Bee Tee's Page."  There, I will share some of the Stories, Articles, Musings, etc., I have written over the years.

In addition to the Crumb & Harris Family Website, we have a monthly Newsletter, named The Crumb & Harris Bugler.  In the Bugler, you can find Family Birthdays, Family Anniversaries, upcoming Family Events, past Family Events and Family News in general.  There, we also showcase some of the talents, skills and antics of our children.

The Crumb & Harris Family is a very close-knit group. Some of us are miles from the central core of our beginning, but we remain close in heart.


Please go to the Guestbook, sign in and let me know your thoughts on this venture.  I look forward to your comments.


~God Bless~

Tee Bettye
Climbing Higher Mountains
Aretha Franklin (Amazing Grace)